31. August 2010

Da hat uns einer den Krieg erklärt! (schon wieder)

Die Buschtrommeln haben mal wieder geschlagen, nach IT holt wohl zum 1. September die Northern Coalition mal wieder zum Rundumschlag aus. Nachdem zuletzt die Goons Ende April aus Cloud Ring herraus komplimentiert wurden, schickt sich der Norden an ein neues Metashield einzurichten (sollte mittlerweile Nummer 4 oder 5 sein).

*** Alliance Bulletin (ACME on the Move) ***
by Geallen » Mon Aug 30, 2010 8:49 am

We are about to embark on a new adventure... stronger and bolder than before.

As you all know from this post's previous update, we have been reviewing a number of very positive options for ACME's move from Branch to a new home. Along with the move, came the pain of packing, removing towers, jumpbridges, handing over ownership to Razor and all the drama that comes with it.

I want to that each and every one of you for doing your best to make the move for yourself, and your corpmates as smooth as possible. Those with capitals, jump freighters, etc; helping others move, show one of the reasons a large alliance is a living, breathing entity.

New Updates:

As you all know, we were preparing to take some new space in Cloud Ring starting on the 1st September, and with my previous post, it isn't considered an easy task for any alliance to take, own and protect Cloud Ring. The concern we have/had with Cloud Ring was with how long it would take to clear Cloud Ring with NC support and how long we would be borrowing space to achieve this... basically running on whatever ISK we each had and replenishing it only after we settled in.

After a lot of thought and strategic planning, we have decided that our goal to own our own space, and become a proven strength in the North was still our primary goal, but also that we needed to ensure we were not damaging the alliance culture and 'running a marathon' that we had not previously or properly trained for.

Therefore, we have decided, in the best interest of the alliance, our goals and our people to become a larger and stronger entity by merging ACME and FCON.

FCON is an established, although smaller alliance than ACME, already owning (not renting) space in Pure Blind, and ACME brings a LOT of leadership and culture to the table. Some say we bring more to the table than FCON, but I both agree and disagree. We are STRONG, and we have a STRONG culture, but I think bringing FCON and ACME together, we would make a new ACME out of FCON.

Although we are statistically larger than FCON, we will retain the FCON brand, as they already have Sov in PB and are not renting space from the NC. This will be a merge at ALL LEVELS, corporations merging into FCON, HC/LC merging into FCONS 'proconsul', our diplos becoming FCON diplos, and Geallen becoming a co-CEO with Rennari for all of FCON.


The taking of Cloud Ring and the concerns of becoming a 'meat shield' along with the relationship and Coalition we would need to form within CR to protect it would be late in coming, leaving ACME vulnerable. We would have needed a strong blue relationship with the other alliances up to a year ago to ensure all partners were strong and ready for the move in. Living in Branch, isolated from much of the action, ACME has not had the chance to be 'in the action' as much as it required.

With merging with FCON, we gain a number of immediate advantages. We no longer rent space, which ensures all generated ISK goes to infrastructure, new outposts, alliance industry, etc. We move FCON from 881 people to almost 1800 people, scaling fleet operations and alliance organization to a new level. By doing this at all leadership levels, we retain the ACME culture and enhance it with new members, and although the Looney Toons name will fade, the people that made it what is was are YOU, which are the 1000 strong enhancing the new FCON.

What does this mean to me?

Each of your CEOs have been informed of what the organizational needs are, and will be your contacts should you have any questions. Monday and Tuesday of this week, your corporation will drop from ACME and apply to FCON.... there is a 24 hour lead time built into applications, but your corporations have all been set blue to FCON, so stay in FCON space or highsec until the lead time has been completed. This will ensure other blue alliances don't shoot you accidentially while you transition.

Forums, Teamspeak, etc???

FCON will be transitioning into using our forums... I will be rebranding the templates starting Wednesday once all the corps have merged as I will need to change the API security alliance name.

We will also keep Teamspeak alive, although we will also be using the WTF Pure Blind TS3 server going forward.

The killboard will stay alive, but we will likely transition it to the FCON killboard or merge the two.

How soon?

Right away... Your CEOs will start dropping from ACME and applying to FCON between TODAY and Wednesday at the latest.

What if we don't like it there?

I am pretty sure you all will love it, knowing that 1000 ACME will be in the same alliance channel as 800 FCON... you are basically taking what made ACME what it is with you... and I'm sure the alliance channel will just become what it was before.

If all else fails, and enough of the ACME corporations feel that this isn't working... we still own ACME, all the resources (forums, TS, killboard, etc) and we always have what we have been calling Plan Z (insert plankton voice here)... which would revive ACME and some backup plans we have held on to... (space rentals, etc.)

PS: If you have any questions, please contact your CEO and he will be able to contact me in our out of game.


Zu finden auf Scraphead. Keine Ahnung ob da was dran ist (NC haut sich ja gerade mit den Russen in Geminate), allerdings haben Ev0ke, Dead Terrorists sowie Cry Havoc gestern abend in E9KD-N ihren Standpunkt klar gemacht. Es wurde die Sov von DT angegriffen durch "Test Alliance Please Ignore". Nach der Schlacht am Samstag gegen IT der nächste epische Fight bei der die Cloud Ring Bewohner ihrem Ruf als "Frontsäue" gerecht wurden. Leider kann ich zu dem gestrigen Kampf keinen Battlereport abgeben, da ich ihn verschlafen habe (hab mir extra den Wecker auf 19:00 gestellt, aber irgendwie hat die Sau nicht geklingelt). Näheres kann man beim Kollegen Barkkor nachlesen, sowie in Englisch auf Scraphead. Eine Killübersicht gibt es dann noch auf EVE-Kills.net.

Der August geht, ich hatte eine gute Zeit und freue mich schon auf den September, auch wenn er die NC Supercap/Titan Walze mitbringt. Diese bleibt, wie die Vergangenheit zeigte nicht ewig und zurück bleiben einmal mehr neue Gegner.

Wir sind Ev0ke!

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